Simplicity and Preparing for The Camino


I have decided to take a break from my not so simple lifestyle.

I didn’t try to create a complicated lifestyle it just happened.  Honestly, I don’t think it is really all that complicated, I just like the finer things.  I’m not saying the Four Seasons, rather the Fairmont or Grand Hyatt.

There is so much pressure in the world today.  Am I valued? And then my identity? Am I unique enough if I give up this world? Either way I’m stuck in it!

Getting my hair done, my nails, a facial, deep tissue massage, Botox, a nip and tuck here and there….

I’m getting older; heaven forbid my husband should age! Really?

Then there is the Gym, Pilates, and Book Club, (which reminds me, I need to sit still to read my book or get it on audio and keep going), clean my house, redecorate … you get the idea.

Let’s not forget my family!

My sweet husband, he works miles away and I only get to see him every 2 to 3 weeks and only on weekends.  We don’t have much time together and life is rolling by.

Then there is my son; I worry so much for him.  Will he make it in this self-centered, social media driven, self entitled world? Living paycheck to paycheck?

Ryan’s Grandma told me the other day that God doesn’t pace back and forth worrying about Ryan.  He has it all in control!

That’s it, giving up my control! Do you think that I could ever do that?

Now that I’m preparing for the Camino the need for simplicity is not so hard.  Having less and getting out of my comfort zone is just fine.

My Family and Friends feel the need to tell me that the Camino doesn’t have manicures and pedicures!  What? And how will I handle the Hostels, sharing a bathroom, sleeping with many people in a room full of bunk beds, people snoring and FARTING??

I don’t know but I bet there are salons in the towns I will pass through and I know there are private rooms I can rent for a night.   Yet, that isn’t my focus and honestly, I’m more concerned about my ability to walk 15-20 miles a day for 35 days!

The peacefulness of nature and what God has for me far outweighs the comforts of America.  Getting out of my comfort zone and suffering will produce much joy.

Camino take me away!

Here are a few words that describe Simplicity:

Transparency, Glide, (to let a situation gradually deteriorate), Fail, Plainness, Humility.

Published by Janet Lee

I enjoy traveling from my home town in the US to places far and wide.

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