Compassion and Humility

I’m having an amazing  time .

The days and places we pass thru and stay in are blurred at times.   I find that writing a blog or vlogging isn’t a priority anymore.  Getting to the next town is!

When Kim and I arrive to each town we immediately get our beds, take  a shower, organize clothes for washing, eat and go to bed.  If we get the opportunity to talk to other Pilgrims we do it.   It’s truly amazing to hear everyone’s story and how others are so interested in ours!

We walked about 19 miles the other day and we saw and talked to many.  When we arrived to the Albergue there were several who cheered for  us.  They were happy to see the American girls made it!  (Of course we were the last to arrive).  What a joy that was for us!!

Today we walked from Torres Del Rio to Logrono.  It was hilly and hot and we thought it was a 8 mile walk. No problem, until we learned it was 16.5 miles!  We made it of course, but it wasn’t easy,

I have a bad cold and ran a fever all day, I don’t think I have ever pushed so hard before in my life.  I had  my first ever in my life blister and then it re-blistered .  Who knew a blister could re-blister?   When I took the Band-Aid off  it pulled the skin down to the red flesh!

At this point I looked at Kim and asked her if it was OK to cry now.  She said yes and came right over to offer her help.   Her compassion to help me made me cry even more.   I felt broken. I realized I wasn’t as tuff as I thought I was.  Humility.

Tomorrow is another day!

Buen Camino



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