Rest in Leon

Everything is going fine, except for a few hobbles here and there, this is to be expected.

I laugh when I read people’s comments about how it’s possible I could have gotten a blister after all the training I’ve done. My response to that is, nothing can prepare you for the physical and mental endurance you need to have out here on the Camino the Santiago.

After walking over 300 miles day after day you can get a blister behind your ear lobe!!  Anything is possible. Everything that YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED in your life,  happens to  you on the Camino!

I don’t know of anyone who could understand what one goes through walking on the Camino unless you have done it yourself.

A Camino friend  explained to me their experience on the Camino was like childbirth, complete pain, blood, tears, sweat and then joy.


Blister Check


Published by Janet Lee

I enjoy traveling from my home town in the US to places far and wide.

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