To be on pilgrimage is to be silent

To be on pilgrimage is to be silent

I find my time on the Camino is best spent quiet.

When you are quiet, not speaking, you can’t get involved in affairs of the world or get  entangled in conversations and discussions that have nothing to do with you or can lead to having said the wrong thing and insultIng someone.

Are we motivated more by words or actions?

Actions defiantly speak louder the words!

I can’t begin to tell you all the wonderful people I have met on the Camino de Santiago and may of the people I have met do not speak  English, my language.

However,  our actions of service to one another speaks volumes.

I want to encourage  you wherever you are today to be quiet and move with actions of love.

Please and thank you along with a smile will soften the heart of many. Trust me, at times on the Camino it is all I had!

Buen Camino!