TMB Day 6 La Fouly to Hotel Edelweiss Switzerland

Being we had walked so far, the day before we were now only 20 minutes from our next location.  We took this time to rest and enjoy the small town we were at in La Fouly.  It wasn’t what I wanted to do; I wanted to push through and get it over with!  However; two things, one we would be a day ahead of our reservations and that would leave us with no place to sleep and two, Anna talked some sense into me.  Two Libra’s together can do great things!

We took a ride on the chairlift, a mountain that we didn’t have to hike up, with beautiful views.  We purchased some wine and beer to chill in the river and had a picnic and soaked  our feet in the ice cold river.  It was lovely. we napped shopped and had a great rest.

Our 20 minute walk to the next Village.
La Fouly
Our hotel for the night.
Picnic lunch
Our Picnic site
View from chair lift and the other side of the mountain we crossed during the night!