TMB Day 7  Hotel Edelweiss – La Fouly to En Plain Air – Champex Lac

TMB Day 7 Hotel Edelweiss – La Fouly to En Plain Air – Champex Lac

We headed out from Hotel Edelweiss for Champex Lac.   We were looking forward to an easier day hiking as the Hostess in La Fouly had told us it was an easy hike to Champex Lac.

I do want to mention the water throughout this tour and particularly in Switzerland  is amazing.  I could actually taste the sweetness of it in La Fouly.  You will find public water fountains, actually a large faucet flowing into a wooden trough,  in all the villages and sometimes on the trail.  There are also so many waterfalls and rushing streams that are safe  for drinking from that you’ll never be without a water source.  I also filled up with tap water and I didn’t have any issues or bad tasting water.  Do add hydration tablets to your personal water supply, I found that to be a huge benefit when you are walking for so long up hill and in the heat.  I used Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier with CTT.  I purchased mine at Costco.

We went through quite a bit of forest which reminded me of Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon.  Most of the hike was forest which was reminiscent of my last hike of Mt Hood in my home state of Oregon. The paths were narrow with chains hanging off the mountain to assist us on our way.  We also passed through mushroom forest filled with different varieties and amazing colors.  Along the way, we encountered several interesting wood carvings of animals and mushrooms.

We also passed through some quaint Swiss villages and meadows; then UP we went.  Many people (hikers) will opt out and take the bus from here to Champex. This crossed our mind but the hostess said it wasn’t hard…. It was.    Honestly, are these people bionic?

Although the forest was beautiful it was once again steep and long and hot. The bus  might not have been a bad idea after all.

Coming into Champex Lac is beautiful, I loved this little town.  Anna and I had an excellent lunch at  Au Vieu-Champex. I had a great salad and a local Rose’. SOOO GOOOOD!

Pictures form the day



Champex Lac

Champex Lac

The restaurant we had lunch at. Highly recommended by Janet and Anna

Janet’s salad

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