TMB Day 8 Champex Lac to Trient

TMB Day 8 Champex Lac to Trient

Today we headed out to Trient, to stay at Auberge Mont Blanc.  It was a rainy morning  with low clouds and a cool breeze. We donned our wet weather gear and off we went.   The signs were  telling us 5 hours.

I began to notice more hikers, a lot of them were in tour groups with day packs, I did become a bit envious.  Prior to this we really handn’t  seen very many people and mostly men.  I thought possibly we were the only crazy women out there.  Quite a few campers as well with very heavy packs, I cloud feel their pain by just looking at them,  we were all slow going up and taking breaks as we enjoyed the scenery.  It did occur to me at this time that the next trek I go on I’m having my bag shipped and  wearing a day pack.

Do to the rain during the night the trails were muddy and at times the traction wasn’t very good.  There were several beautiful water falls leading into rivers that we passed through, more cows, alpine forest and at times we were above the clouds.  We ran into some friends that we had met earlier from L. A. and stopped at a refuge for a piece of pie and coffee.  I was reminded of  the Camino de Santiago, that I had walked last year, the sense of community with trekkers is such a great  bond.  Did I mention, Anna and I met on the Camino!

One thing about coming into a village you are staying in is finding your accommodations for the night.  There are not always signs showing you the way.  I had a data plan and I was able to map our way. (once we were in cellular service areas) Without prior knowledge of your  location you  could find yourself walking around aimlessly and when you have hiked all day and are exhausted, that can put you over the edge emotionally.  Know where you are going before you set out for the day.

We found our Auberge, the staff was lovely our bed good enough, the showers and toilet were not the best by any means.   There were lots of flys everywhere all the time.  There really wasn’t anywhere else to go and the rain was setting in so  We rested and waited for dinner.   Dinner was cheese fondue with potatoes and bread.  We are served  family style in the Refugios, once people started double dipping in the fondue  I was out!   Seriously, where are your manners people?

If one thought they could lose weight on this hike they would be hard pressed to do so.  I have never had so much bread, cheese, potatoes and beer in my life.  UGH!

  • It was 12.9 miles for us and I’m not sure how long possibly 7-9 hours. You will know when you arrived in Trient, there is beautiful pink church that stands out.
  • My favorite jacket for bad weather is my Arc’teryc.  I have tried several other brands and Arc’teryc by far is worth ever penny and I will never buy anything less then this quality ever again.   I also wear Outdoor Research waterproof  pants. They fold up into their pocket.  They also have a very light waterproof jacket for lighter rain and a light windbreak, it also folds up into it’s pocket.


Starting out/ My green Arc’teryk jacket and OR pants




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