TMB Day 3 Refuge de la Balm to Refuge des Mottets-Cole des Fours!

TMB Day 3 Refuge de la Balm to Refuge des Mottets-Cole des Fours!

Today we set out pretty early, once again knowing we were going to take the higher route for a better view of Mont Blanc. a long hard uphill trek.

We had the usual toast and coffee for breakfast and I had  ordered a picnic lunch to go from the Refugio and they gave me packaged processed food and a drink that was large and heavy.   I took out one item and gave the rest away.  I wasn’t in the mood to put more weight in my back and I still had some trail mix left and an apple.

Today I started noticing there were not any or very few switchbacks to get you up the mountain, every trail was straight up.   We went through some glaciers that were still hanging on but melting from underneath,  a  little scary.  When we reached the second peak of our trek at Col du Bonhomme, I was once again amazed at the view and our accomplishment.  From here you have two choices, you can continue on passed Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme or trek up higher for a better view of Mt. Blanc, Col des fours.  Of course, as you can imaging I talked Anna into going up, up and UP.  I will advise you not to do it unless you are really fit and I considered myself fit, until this trek!  Going down from here to Refuge des Mottets, was a nightmare, I must have goat in my blood!  I had to stop so many times, once I told Anna I wasn’t going to make it. I believe this was the mono talking.  Perseverance!  On we went,  beautiful none the less.  Twice we thought for sure we were in the wrong area and so we waited at times for someone to pass by to confirm our direction.  This is because Kev Reynolds book is awful and at times the trail was not marked.  If you didn’t have a satellite plan you couldn’t get a map on your phone and there really wasn’t any specific map we could have had that would have helped us.  Nevertheless, we did make thanks to three French men!!!!

Les Mottets was wonderful, great dinner and music during dinner. We had a nice room and bed. I highly recommend Les Mottets. 9 hours with lunch and 12 miles


Leaving Le Balm heading UP

Crossing the glacier

Mt. Blanc

When I realized I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was.


View from our room at Mottets

The sky above us at Mottets

Leaving Refugio des Mottets

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