TMB Day 9 Auberge Mont Blanc to Auberge La Boerne

TMB Day 9 Auberge Mont Blanc to Auberge La Boerne

As we set out his morning there were a lot of people out on the trail and we started off with some rain.  We walked right through town to the trail, about a 1/2 mile and with no hesitation the TMB started right UP.

Have I mentioned yet that Anna and I decided we would write our own guide book for the TMB and it would only have one page, it would read UP!

On our way to Auberge we passed into France, I don’t remember when and we do not have a picture of the boarder, however, that could have been because of  the deep fog and the winter storm we came into at the top of Col de Balm. Slowly, slowly we made our way up and as we were ascending you could begin to feel the cold and the higher we went the wind began to pick up and eventually you couldn’t see more the 5 feet in front of you.  Everyone on the trail was pulling over and putting on their jackets and cold weather gear.  Once again I was so grateful for my Arc’teryk jacket, gloves and my USA scarf.  Anna had frost building up on her knit hat.  When we got to to the top there is an alternative path that takes you higher and I made dang sure we didn’t take it, I wanted to go down.  There had to be about 6 of us staring at the signs and pulling out whatever information we had yelling over the wind to see who knew the best path down.  We all then crowded into a small hut with only one lightbulb hanging from the ceiling and a couple trying to make hot coffee for everyone.  The community of hikers again was great as everyone was offering up snacks to one another.  FYI-no bathrooms.

On our descent we went pretty quickly down so we could warm up and as we came into a clearing out of nowhere, do to the fog, we ran right into several HUGE black cows with horns.  I’m a bit skittish and earlier we had passed by some cows that gave us the stink eye so I was warned by Anna not to look up and keep going.    At the bottom as we headed into a neighborhood we got a little misguided on the street and pathway leading to our Auberge, nevertheless we made it and were so pleased.  Auberge La Boerne is delightful.  We had our own room and bathroom!  The food was excellent, a must stay if you are passing this way.

  • The signs read 4.5 hours. We walked 10.4 miles and about 6-7 hours for us.
  • Grateful to have had cold weather gear, worth the weight of the pack.
  • Auberge La Boerne is a must stay

Pictures from the day.

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