A Day in D.C.

A Day in D.C.

My husband had to work in Manassas Virginia or NOVA last week and I decided to go with him and do some sightseeing in D.C.

Manassas is a darling Historic Town in Northern Virginia  known for The Manassas National Battlefield Park and the site of two civil war battles.  They also have a train station where the Amtrak and the VRE stop on route to Washington D.C.   The VRE is less expensive and they have great times, either one will do you fine.  Download the app and buy your tickets so you have an electronic ticket, this makes it so easy for the train attendant and you don’t need to worry about rushing to buy a ticket or losing it.   I went straight away  to Union Station and started my day.

It is so easy to get around in D.C.  right from the train station you can take any one of the Hop on Hop off busses waiting right out side,  you buy your tickets inside the station or you can download a map and start walking.

I started at at Capitol Hill, I went to the U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress and then to the Supreme Court.  All tours are free and so easy, if you get lost just start asking people for help, everyone was very helpful.

To enter the U.S. Capitol you have to walk around to the back and enter underneath to the visitor center. They do not allow any food or liquid through security.  If you haven’t arranged for a ticket you would enter the line for no tickets, don’t panic its not a big deal, they issue you a ticket and within minutes you will start your tour.   When the tour ended I walked through the hallway/tunnel to the Library of Congress sat down and with in 15 min.  I was off on that tour.  I could have stayed there for hours, A must see!  After that I walked across the street to the Supreme Court.  I inquired at the information desk on how it all works and I was quickly sent up stairs to sit in the court room for a very informative tour, they call it a lecture.  If the court is in session you won’t be let in unless there is room for you. Check their schedule on line.

That took all day, I was exhausted and  my brain was over stimulated. I walked back to Union Station got on the VRE and went back to Manassas  to meet my husband for dinner.  I found a great taco shop that I highly recommend,  Zandra’s .

My next sightseeing day in D.C. started and ended the same.  However, I decided to ride the Hop on Hop off all the way around and then pick my sights. Plus, it was really cold and I didn’t bring winter gear.  I went to the Newseum, They do charge $25.00, well worth it. I was there for 3 hours and could have stayed longer

See for yourself why the Newseum is called the “must-see” attraction in Washington, D.C. Located between the White House and the U.S. Capitol, a visit to the Newseum is a conversation-inspiring experience you won’t find anywhere else.


After that I went to The National Archives Museum. It is free and holds a lot of important documents that support the foundation of our Nation .

They hold permanent records created by the:U.S. Congress
U.S. Supreme Court
Federal District Courts in the District of Columbia
Select Federal Agencies
They also house pre-World War I military service records for:

U.S. Army and Confederate veterans
Pre-1940 vessel and station log books for the U.S. Navy

Visiting D.C. is easy and amazing, you can’t help but feel the patriotism of all the men and women who fought for our freedom.  It tis a humbling experience and one I am very thankful for.

Plan your visit to Washington D.C.


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