The Government Shutdown in D.C. 2019

The Government Shutdown in D.C. 2019

When I’m at home in Arizona in my comfy house and my husband is working for the private sector, it is so easy to lose sight of the pain and financial struggle America is going through. I say America because it is about all Americans. I have been in D.C. since December 27, 2018 and I can see the impact the Government Shutdown is having on the D.C. Government workers and Non Government workers and the tourism industry. Which really isn’t as important as the agencies that protect the American people daily on the border or off. It trickles all way down to the people emptying trash cans. It has made me realize jobs that are thought of as insignificant are in fact very powerful. I don’t want this post to be political, my goal is to let you know whats happening in D.C. during the shutdown should you have vacation plans to visit.

Arlington Cemetery at Christmas

Here in D.C. many of the museum, which Washington is known for were able to stay open for a few days longer because they were subsidized by private donors. Some are private and collect entrance fee’s. All the monuments are open, however, the restrooms are closed. If you want to get a picture of just you and Abe, now is a good time. Hardly any tourist to block your selfie.

Here are a few things I enjoyed recently

If The Supreme Court is holding arguments you are allowed to sit in as long as you can get a seat. You do have to wait in line outside at 9:30am, they can fit up to 300 people in the courtroom. So, unless it is a high profile hearing you stand a good chance of getting in. You can also enter the US visitors center for tours of the Capitol and The Library of Congress. The Newseum is a $25.00 entrance fee, I really enjoyed it, $25.00 is a little steep and apparently there is talk it may actually close. Tourist come to D.C. to see all the free Museums and feel why should they pay when you can do so much for free. click on this link to go to THE D.C. visitors info page. The Museum of the Bible is open for a $19.00 fee. Don’t forget about Historic Downtown Alexandria and the Eastern Market. There are several little towns in Virginia and Maryland to visit. You can take a Uber, Bus, Metro or Train to all of theses places for next to nothing.

The Backyard of the White House

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