Filling up the water tank on Solitude. By Lucille Ball AKA Janet Lee Myers

Now with this boat, it isn’t my thing and like with many of my plans they aren’t Rick’s thing either. This is why I Hike and travel with girlfriends and Rick lives on a boat in Washington DC. Don’t get me wrong, all is good with us. We have a wonderful marriage and a home base in Arizona.
I learned from Paul before he left that it’s important to know how much space is available for waste and how much water is in your tank. I needed to do some laundry and take my shower so I checked the tanks. Rick was at work and the water tank was low. I remembered Rick buying a hose and I did see Paul briefly filling it up so I thought, I can do this.
I’m going to be so excited to show Rick that I filled the water tank up all by myself!
I go to the cockpit open up some storage bins, I find the hose. BTW it’s raining, freezing cold and windy. I haven’t blown my hair dry in a week so I have my afro going on with a beanie partially covering my hair so I look a bit like Bozo the clown. I’m wearing my long parka not zipped up all the way and my Ugg boots with sweatpants….I cant zip my parka up all the way from the bottom because I can’t maneuver over the boat with my legs.
OK, I find the hose, I crawl up on the side of the boat to fine the cap for the water tank, it looks like it takes a special key to unlock it. I go back in the boat I find what I think must be the key, I go back out crawl up to the side of the boat and then I realize I can stand on the dock and lean over the boat to unlock it, I climb back down and I unlock it, I put the hose in the the tank I hook up the hose to the water spicket and no water will come out. Apparently that morning they shut that spicket off because of winterizing and I needed to move down the dock to a different spicket. I take the hose out drag it down to the other spicket and then back to my boat, I put the hose in the tank, I walk back to turn the water on and the hose rips. Now by this time I’m sure I look like a crazy person. I’m trying to squeeze the rip in the hose so the water will fill up the tank but the water is so cold and its spraying all over me from head to toe…..
I turn the water off, roll up the hose and head down, by foot, to the hardware store. Mind you I’m freezing soaking wet, my hair is crazy and I have lost my mind.
I have the receipt and the hose I enter the hardware store and the two gentleman that work there are discussing with great care what would be my best option as they don’t have another hose like the one I purchased. As they carry on for about 15 minutes, mind you how I look and what I’m feeling, I finally interrupt to say, “JUST GIVE ME WHAT YOU DO HAVE” For the love of God!
I march back to the boat I go through the whole drill again. I get the hose hooked up to the tank and it is literally 3 inches too short. I stand there like a fountain aiming for the tank. I’m thinking how much water do I need to take a shower, how long would I have to stand here, is anyone watching me… when from behind me I hear, “Janet, are you OK, do you need some help?” I quickly turn around like I’m going to throw up green vomit from the exorcist, I am soaking wet, my beanie is barely on my head, my afro looks like weird Al Yankovic, I have mascara running down my face from the water and I’m fit to be tied. I say,” well, yes Elizabeth, would you happen to have a hose I could barrow?” But wait, there is more.
I get the tank filled up, I go to take my shower, I am in the shower I am getting hot water and then it stops…For those of you who don’t know this, our engine room is outside the salon and is thru a hatch door down a ladder. I have tried to call my husband who doesn’t answer because he is in meetings, I try texting, nothing. I pull on my wet clothes I go outside down into the engine room and I bang around until I hear a swoosh. I think, that has to be the water. I go back to my shower and success hot water.
Now I am going to blow dry my hair. HA HA! This is when I started blowing breakers. I gave up and found a salon to have my hair blown dry. While leaving the boat a man walked by informing me I must have a leak with my hose as the dock is soaked with water…. Thank you!
Later I realized we have 2 electrical boards one is 120V and it sends electricity to the outlets. If I want to blow dry my hair all other outlet breakers have to be turned off.