My Cuban Massage Therapist

I would like to preface this story by letting you know that for years my husband has wanted to own a boat, live on it and sail around the world with his first stop in Israel to see his boys.  I have always agreed with him knowing it would be a long time before this would actually come to fruition.

A couple months ago my husband was transferred to Manassas Virginia to work on a project. A long way from Arizona but also a great adventure. I thought, how fun to be able to see the other side of the country. and Washington D.C. is so close and full of so much history. I haven’t spent much time in D.C. and I began to really look forward to seeing all the museums and checking out our Capitol and so much more.

My husband then decided to actually buy a boat not realizing the Potomac River can freeze over during the winter and the marina’s around Manassas close.

With advice from a local couple we realized the only possible situation was to move the boat up to the District Wharf in Washington D.C.  They have these bubblers in the water so the marina water won’t freeze and they offer water and electricity all winter.

In a nutshell I like to say, my husband bought a boat and decided to live on it in the dead of the winter in Washington DC.  That alone I could talk about on great length but, I want to get to my massage.

After we moved the boat, had Christmas I was scheduled to be there from December 27-January 18 and then the Government shut down. Go figure!!?

We have one car which Rick drives to work an hour away and a 2-3 hour commute home depending on traffic into D.C.  I have the train, bus, taxi and my 2 feet to get me where I need to go.

I started out running around DC checking out all the monuments, I toured the capitol, I did a lot of great things but then the snow came and the Government shutdown.

 I took the metro to the gym and a taxi for the last 3 miles and it still took me 90 min, I took the metro to the mall, I walked with another boater friend all over DC, even got caught in a wet snow storm. I ran in the snow and ice.  I gave it 200%.

 However, my husband was gone a lot so I found myself eating and enjoying HH with friends in the marina or by myself waiting for Rick.  Needless to say, I gained 10 pounds quickly.  Even with all my walking… I got a bit depressed.

Then when worst snowstorm of the century hit and the marina turned off our electricity…another long story.

 I decided a spa day was for me.  I walked to the Inter Continental and signed up for a massage and a facial.  Of course, the only therapist for the massage was a very handsome young Cuban man.  Seriously!

He asked me if I had any concerns, I just laughed and said something like no, I’ve just been enjoying the Holidays. Later I realized he took that to mean I’ve gained weight and I want his advice.

I get under the blanket all nice and warm I begin to relax, he comes in and now as he massaging my thighs, he mentions to be his success for weight loss and toning up! For the love of Pete, are you kidding me? I was horrified. Why do these things happen only to me? I wanted to flex my thighs but if I did my cellulite would rip even more, I thought, should I ask him not to massage so deep, thinking my fat wouldn’t be quite so mushy… Breathe…It was feeling good I just needed to relax. Regardless of my fat and cellulite I just listened to his theories on weight loss and weight lifting for older women with his adorable Cuban accent and let it go.

That night I told Rick I have to go home warm up and get back to my trainer at Lifetime Fitness, I need my girlfriends the sun, my car, my son and a kitchen big enough for 2 butts and one that I actually can cook in without wearing a parka!

I came home a few days earlier then l originally scheduled!