Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Today we set out for Chile, final destination Patagonia, first  stop Santiago.

Santiago is a huge city that sits in the valley of the Andes Mountains and the Chilean Coastal Range.

We landed early in the morning and to help us get acclimated we decide to do some sightseeing. 

First we checked in at our hotel,  the Mandarin Oriental, nestled in the city but you would never know it. Great location, excellent service and beautiful grounds.

We had big plans to take the hop on hop off bus around town and then pick the best places to see. However, that got sidetracked by a wine pairing lunch at Bocanariz.

With a 1 o’clock reservation we only had a short bit of time so we set out to see Pablo Neruda’s home just a few blocks from the restaurant. 

At Bocanariz we had a wine paring with our first taste of Chilaine wine in Chile. For dessert we were served Pisco, Chile’s version of Grappa, need I say more…After lunch we walked a few more blocks to take the funicular to the top of the city to see Santiago. This is when I realized what a huge city it is and how nestled in the Andes Mountains it is. At times reminding me of Phoenix and Camelback Moutain. I can only imagine what it must look like in the winter. Stunning.

After this we were hot and tired and decide to head back to our hotel, Our taxi driver circled our hotel twice before we told him to pull over “ALTO” and we got out and walked to our hotel. At this point I was completely comatose barely keeping my eyes open. Sally getting tired as well. Maybe this was why he circled our hotel twice$$

Back at the hotel we had a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow we set off for Temuco, Chile

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