One Year has passed

One Year has passed

Summer and Fall have come and gone and now we are in winter, where does the time go?

My parents and grandparents would constantly say that and now it is more apparent to me that time really does fly by.

Rick and I spent our summer on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis aboard Solitude. We so enjoyed this time and were delighted to have shared that experience with several good friends.

Last year when Rick was transferred to Virginia I had no idea what was before me.  Rick seems to adapt super fast, he is used to relocating as he has done this his entire career with Hoffman.
I’m not sure which  it was, the distance commuting from Arizona to D.C. or the boat life in the dead of the winter in DC that jolted me, both equally horrible.

Now having had some time to adjust and learn the boating routine I can say that this winter I’m doing better. Rick continues to go about his day as if there isn’t a snowflake anywhere.

I have got the transit system down form DC, Maryland, Virginia, and NY. I know how to flip the circuit breakers, fill water tanks and even empty the waste tank, among other great boating duties.

The boating community has been very fulfilling and we have made many close friends that we call family.

Here is to another great year of the Salt Life!

Published by Janet Lee

I enjoy traveling from my home town in the US to places far and wide.