African Lives

African Lives

When I am in Annapolis I am always reminded of the African lives that were brought to American by the British . Alex Haley is an African American and an author of the book Roots. When Alex Hayes began researching his heritage or his roots as his book is titled, his research led him to Annapolis Maryland.

Downtown Annapolis there is town dock and a dingy dock which once was a port used in 1767 to bring Africans in on ships like the Lord Ligonier, which was a 18th century British slave ship. It was on this ship that Alex Haley found his ancestors which started with Kunta Kinte.

At this port in Annapolis sits a memorial to Alex Haley and Kunta Kinte it is a bronze statue of Alex Haley reading his story to children of different ethnic backgrounds. It is here so people from all over the world will see it and never forget what happened to a people captured beaten and used as slaves. The memorial sign reads: An educational, inspirational and healing place.

Along the water wall is the story board with plaques from different family members from Kunta Kinte. Here are a few:

We all suffer. If a man’s wise, he learns from it .

Boteng Bediako (Uncle Pompey) Roots

The strength and perseverance of our ancestors, such as Kunta Kinte, teach universal lessons including survival through faith, strength through family and wisdom through forgiveness.


When you clench your fist, no one can put anything in your hand, nor can you pick up anything.

Omoro Kinte

Knowledge of history can be the first step away from anger and bitterness. Truth leads us to understanding. Understanding and forgiveness lead to reconciliation and healing.



The only thing greater than yourself!

Omoro Kinte

Faith allows us to endure even the most bitter trials and tribulations. Through belief and faith, people are empowered to accomplish great things, if not for themselves, then for their children.


When I read the messages from African slaves on faith, forgiveness and perseverance it doesn’t seem to me they want their voices quieted. I’m pretty sure Alex Haley doesn’t want his statue torn down either because it represents slavery. Quite the opposite.

Maybe the so called “Black Lives Matter” rioters and the uneducated people who are taking down statues and monuments should walk the story board wall of African slaves and maybe re think their position on history. We cant grow and learn from our past if it is taken away.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Learn ,Love and grow

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