Annapolis This  Morning

Annapolis This Morning

Today was a beautiful day in Annapolis, I felt like there wasn’t a worry in the world. We even still have a statue still standing! Of course there is the occasional BLM sign and a frightened elderly person holding their breath and looking the other way when passing me, albeit they are wearing a mask.

This history here, most prominent would be the Paris Treaty being signed here to end the Revolutionary War.

* It was the nation’s first peacetime capital and in 1783-84 hosted the Continental Congress — the body of delegates from the 13 colonies that governed the country.

* George Washington officially resigned here as commander in chief of the Continental Army after the Revolutionary War. The Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the Revolutionary War, also was ratified in Annapolis in 1784.

* Founded in 1649, the current capital of Maryland was originally called “Providence” when settled by the Puritans. It was renamed Annapolis to honor Princess Anne, future queen of England.

Published by Janet Lee

I enjoy traveling from my home town in the US to places far and wide.