I will never make Thanksgiving dinner again!

 I decided to host a casual brunch on Thanksgiving morning and then host dinner. 
I cooked for days and I believe I made at least 5 runs to the grocery store on Wednesday as my list of friends expanded.
I stayed up late and made additional starta and creme brulee' french toast.  I even decided to make a Spanish Tortilla which is onions, garlic, eggs and potatoes. A dish I enjoyed while walking the Camino.
I set out a Mimosa station, Bloody Mary station and a Coffee station  to accommodate all. 
Then Thursday morning the text started coming  through with cancellations! Who does that last minute? Apparently 4 people.
Nevertheless, it was wonderful, we didn't  get arrested or ratted out by an angry neighbor.  No one contacted COVID either. 

Within a couple hours of cleaning and prepping for dinner I began the daunting task of cooking a full meal deal. 

I asked my husband if he liked the stuffing better from the turkey or casserole style?  He calmly announces to me, "I don't really like stuffing or turkey, actually I  have never really liked  Thanksgiving dinner.."  drop mic...
My husband doesn't even like turkey, what on earth?  There is only 3 of  us now in our family, plus a girlfriend and an occasional friend or two.  My son spends half the day either at his Dad's or girlfriends. 
 I had no need to make that feast.

Upon talking to my sister who was celebrating in the mountains with her larger family, she tells me they bought a Honey Baked ham and Turkey plus the fixings from Costco.. THAT'S IT, I  scream.

I will gladly host Brunch and make lasagna for dinner!

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