In the Quiet- Saturday before Easter Sunday 2018

Saturday Night

Can You imagine what it must have  been like to have seen Him being crucified on Friday and the quietness on Saturday and then Sunday morning?

We are in the quiet, which I believe is the most faithful time.

When the tomb was empty on Sunday, I wonder what they were thinking, what they knew,  if they really got it?

For me, the quiet is when I really grow.

On the camino I wrote about being silent on Pilgrimage. It was true, your heart, mind, soul and spirit really do regenerate when you have calm, peace and QUIET of the mind.

This isn’t easy to achieve in the world and although while I was on the camino and in the world, I was able to do this. Why, because I was quiet.

Here back at home where the hustle and bustle continue, I find myself at times spinning, my head wanting the quiet.

When, like many others on this Saturday before the resurrection, I am quiet and this time can be such a time of reflection, meditation and renewal if you let it.

This is what the Savior wants for us daily.

Embrace it!