Common Ground

Today we started in St. Jean Pied de Port and ended at Refuge Orisson, approximately 8 kilometers straight up the Pyrenees.

There are so many people on the Camino, they come from all over the world and speak the language of their country.

I realized today that I have been trying to speak everyone else’s language but my own, as if my language was sinful.

So, while on the Camino this morning I decided instead of trying to say, “Good Morning” in Spanish, French, German….I will use my own language and guess what? They all responded with a happy “Good Morning” back to me in English.

This brings me back to my new way of thinking. As long as I’m kind to people, it really doesn’t matter to me if someone likes me or not. Not only that, I am an American and proud of my country. People everywhere are coming into our country for a reason! Everyone wants to live in America!

The Camino brings people from all over the world, each speaking a different language, having a different culture, different gender, race, religion, spirituality, and political view, many differences.

It’s important that those who have burdens in these areas lay them down and find the common ground.

To me, the Camino has its own common ground and it’s love!

Love ridiculously.

Buen Camino!

On another note, today we had lots of rain and fog. You could barely see in front of you.

I wore everything water proof, including a poncho that covered my pack, and I still was soaking wet when I arrived at Orisson.

Instead of the taking four hours it took two. Apparently that was the same for everyone else passing here on way to Roncevalles.

The restaurant was packed, everyone soaking wet, dripping water off backpacks, the floor had water puddled up everywhere. It smelled of wet, sweaty people! Ugh!

Kim and I had made a reservation to stay here and we are quite happy due to the rain. Only we had to wait a couple hours to check in and then when it came time we were rushed off to pick our bed.

The instructions we were given were to leave our backpacks and all belongings outside due to bedbugs coming form St. Jean.(great). Then we were given a token for a 5 min. shower.

We were soaking wet and cold and looking forward to a hot shower.

I got into my cubicle shower, unpacked my dry clothes I would wear, set out shampoo, conditioner and soap, I took off my dirty clothes and put them in a bag. I was ready!!

I put the golden token in the machine and…..

Nothing happened!!!

As I’m standing there naked, staring up at the shower head, I felt like Corrie Tin Boom. Was water or gas going to come out?

Aaaaahhhhhh help, anyone?

I had to bang on this box before I could get the water to come out, and then it came out cold, I couldn’t get it hot.

Then it kept shutting off and I never knew how many times this would happen. Crazy.

Just another one of my Camino lessons.