Washington D.C,

I would like to preface this story by letting you know that for years my husband has wanted to own a boat, live on it and sail around the world with his first stop in Israel to see his boys.  I have always agreed with him knowing it would be a long time before this would actually come to fruition.

A couple months ago my husband was transferred to Manassas Virginia to work on a project. A long way from Arizona but also a great adventure. I thought, how fun to be able to see the other side of the country. Washington D.C. is so close and full of so much history. I haven’t spent much time in DC and I began to really look forward to seeing all the museums and checking out our Capitol and so much more.

My husband then decided to buy a boat and live on it, not realizing the Potomac River can freeze over during the winter and the marina’s around Manassas close.

With advice from a local couple we realized the only possible situation was to move the boat up to the District Wharf in Washington D.C.  They have these bubblers in the water so the marina water won’t freeze and they offer water and electricity all winter.

In a nutshell I like to say, “My husband bought a boat and decided to do live on it in the dead of the winter in Washington DC.”  That alone I could talk about at great length.

We bought the boat, we moved the boat and had Christmas I was scheduled to be there from December 27-January 18 and then the Government shut down. Go figure!!?

A Day in D.C.

The Government Shutdown 2019

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